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The Goddess Lives Within

I believe every woman is a Goddess. The Divine spark embedded in her DNA translates to the ultimate expression of Divine Feminine energy; being called a Goddess is our innate birthright. The Goddess has the ability to be heard throughout time, in every culture, in a multitude of identities and abilities. She is ageless; she is the triple Goddess or Maiden, Mother and Crone. She is immortal; she is everything and everywhere. In some cultures, she is not only responsible for hu

Reflections of a Virgo Snow Moon

Why have peoples from across the globe been captivated by the image of the Moon since the beginning of time? Does she symbolize some cosmic power? Does moonlight have the ability to bring clarity and prophecy? She was known as the Goddess Diana to the Romans and Coyolxauhqui to the Aztecs. The people of Tibet called her Laysa and the Blackfoot tribe celebrated Komorkis as theGoddess of the Moon. Native Americans named each Full Moon with an energy reflecting the interdependen

It's All in the Sound

Today is “World Sound Healing Day,” I honor all those so moved to chant, tone or strike a bell to help create a positive shift in our planet. I honor the healers as they serve those ready to make transformative movement in their lives. I honor Mother Gaia, as she receives and transmutes the release of all old pain and memories, serving as the ultimate vessel for all healing and restoration. As a sound practitioner, I work with individuals seeking calming from stress, illness

Living through the Celestial Rays of Love

On the celestial heels of the Super Wolf Full Moon, the Lunar Eclipse and the celebration of All Hearts Day tomorrow, I find it an auspicious time to bring Divine Love and Compassion to life inside our subtle energy fields. Each of us in our own way has the ability to notice things, be visually driven, and intellectually curious - but now is the time to focus on the energies and expansiveness of the heart. All the master energies that were transmitted during the Wolf Moon & L

Howling the Truth

We are racing towards the Full Moon and Total Lunar Eclipse - the Super Blood Wolf Moon & Eclipse energies are ramping up. They will be in full force this Sunday and Monday, January 20 & 21, creating a cosmic mirror for deep inner work and renewal. During an eclipse the Earth passes between the Sun & the Moon, blocking the Sun’s light from reaching the Moon’s surface, in essence, the Moon will be wrapped in the Earth’s shadow or umbra. The full moon will occur at 12:16 AM ET,

A Full Plate

The full Moon rises this Friday at 12:39 A.M. EST, but it will be visible in the sky tonight. The Algonquin Nation calls this beautiful full moon the Beaver Moon, as this was when beaver traps were set before the back waterways and ponds froze. This was the last opportunity to add to the winter fur stores for the tribes and surrounding community. This moon, also known as the Full Frost Moon by other Nations, heralds the early onset of colder days and snow to come. It is seren

Honoring the Past to Create a Bright Future

Samhain is a time-honored celebration and fire festival from long ago that evolved from Pagan and Celtic traditions that honored the circle of life and death. The Celtic New Year was celebrated, the past year reviewed and preparations for the coming winter commenced. This celebration morphed into different meanings with the onset of Christianity and Catholic celebrations of glorified souls; becoming All–Hallowmas, a day to honor Christian martyrs and saints. What is simila

Aim for Balance

The golden light and falling leaves strewn across my yard can only mean we have slipped into autumn. The geese glide across my canal looking for treats to send them off on their journey to warmer climes. These natural signposts tell me we have fully arrived in the transitional month of October. I enjoy spending time outside soaking up the crisper air, hot cider around the fire pit and reestablishing my connection to the Earth one last time before she goes into hibernation. O

Bountiful Mabon Blessings

The light is golden this time of year. A cornucopia filled with russet pears, honey crisp apples, cinnamon nut muffins, seeds and grain from the final harvest. It is also the harbinger of longer nights and shorter darker days, a time to focus on your own inner light, to honor the deeper wisdom of your being. The Goddess has retreated to the underworld, leaving the crops to wither and nature to prepare for winter and slumber. The energies become restive and introspective pro

Sweet Harvest Moon Magic

When the Goddess Selene showers the world with bright moonbeams, it’s the perfect time to look within and cast off what no longer works in your life. Be it something you no longer need, some aspect of yourself you wish to change or something unnamed you wish gone. Full Moon energy is powerful. You may choose to harness this energy in a symbolic fire ritual to make room for new possibilities. On September 24th in the Northern hemisphere, we will celebrate the Harvest Moon, t

New Moon - Fast Forward, New Beginnings

The New Moon is approaching just as darkness is beginning to descend upon us earlier every day. The New Moon, also called the Dark Moon, will rise up in the sky on Sunday, September 9th. New Moons are not readily visible to the naked eye as the Moon is positioned between the Earth and the Sun; yet it still affords us the opportunity to focus on new beginnings, change and movement. This New Moon takes place in the house of Virgo, a sign of integrity, order and balance. These

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