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Why it Works

Everything in the Universe is comprised of energy and as such has a vibration or unique frequency associated with it.  Crystals have the ability to affect and balance these frequencies (think of a crystal in a watch).  A crystal then is similar to an oscillator.  An oscillator is something that causes vibration or a change in frequency.  Every form of matter (or energy) vibrates at a different frequency; this is called the Dominant Oscillatory Rate.  All crystals possess (even down to the atomic level of creation) a repeating crystalline geometric pattern, which causes them to have a fairly precise, or fixed Dominant Oscillatory Rate (DOR).  Because their DOR is so precise it is relatively resistant to being affected by entropy.


Entropy is the tendency for something to fall into disorganization.  Humans are very subject to the influences of entropy (unlike crystals), because the human body has many different dominant oscillatory rates.  Each organ has its own frequency, the heart, the lungs, the stomach, the brain, etc.… so every person has an average DOR.  A persons’ DOR can change due to the affects of stress, environment and emotional conditions.  Scientific studies have shown that reducing entropy in the human body (less chaos and disorganization) increases health, harmony, longevity and coherence.


Because human energy fields are so easily influenced by energies around them, they are the perfect candidates to utilize crystals to restore balance.  In scientific terms this is the definition of the basic law of entrainment - the tendency for two oscillating bodies to lock into phase so that they vibrate in harmony.  Crystals emit an energy field similar to humans, which can be seen through the use of Kirlian photography. This aura like energy is actually the EMF or electromagnetic field of the crystal.  It is this energy that influences other energies around it.   If a crystal is placed on the body it will naturally begin to reduce the entropy of that body, creating greater coherence between the organs.  As each organ begins to vibrate in alignment with the other organs health is improved.  Crystals with their ability to affect the human energy field can and do play an important role in the restoration of ideal health by aligning all the energy systems of the body: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.  

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