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Reflections of a Virgo Snow Moon

Why have peoples from across the globe been captivated by the image of the Moon since the beginning of time? Does she symbolize some cosmic power? Does moonlight have the ability to bring clarity and prophecy? She was known as the Goddess Diana to the Romans and Coyolxauhqui to the Aztecs. The people of Tibet called her Laysa and the Blackfoot tribe celebrated Komorkis as theGoddess of the Moon. Native Americans named each Full Moon with an energy reflecting the interdependency and connection between the seasonal energies and man. Tonight’s Super Full Moon is called the “Snow Moon” as the heaviest snowfall usually took place in February. This Full Moon is also known as the “Bone Moon” or “Hunger Moon” as there was little food in the storehouses by this time of winter and people gnawed on bones and drank bone marrow soup for sustenance.

Today, the nearest, brightest, and largest Full Moon occurs for the entire year. This Super Full Moon in Virgo will rise in the heavens bringing a change of vibration to be felt throughout the world. This Super Moon will appear 15% larger and 30% brighter in the sky, as its orbit is at its closest proximity to the Earth. With the Moon so near, the energies and characteristics of Virgo will be amplified. Virgo is a bright, childlike, adventurous energy that seeks order in creation and when balanced, is a powerhouse of activity.

Full Moon energies are used for release and transformation and when coupled with the methodical energies of Virgo, a plan can be mapped out on how to look within to uncover deep-rooted beliefs preventing you from living life to the fullest. Use the powerful focus of Virgo energy to free yourself from these outdated thoughts, remembered slights and pain. Once discovered and consciously released, ask Komorkis to bury these weights in the deepest snowdrifts - never to return. Then, let the light of the Snow Moon flood your being and uplift your spirit. Now is the time to stand in your knowing and be who you were born to be.

May this Full Moon bring you illumination and freedom.


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