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The Goddess Lives Within

I believe every woman is a Goddess. The Divine spark embedded in her DNA translates to the ultimate expression of Divine Feminine energy; being called a Goddess is our innate birthright. The Goddess has the ability to be heard throughout time, in every culture, in a multitude of identities and abilities. She is ageless; she is the triple Goddess or Maiden, Mother and Crone. She is immortal; she is everything and everywhere.

In some cultures, she is not only responsible for human characteristics and values; she oversees the elemental ones as well. When she weeps the rains fall. When she breaths the tides ebb and flow. When she bleeds the fires rage. She is not only a part of every human being; she is part of our planet too. She is Mother Gaia- she who sustains and nourishes us and who we return to when our sojourn on this planet ends.  

We have been exposed to the warrior aspect of the Goddess through TV shows like “Zena” and “Wonder Woman” but her qualities are so much more. She is also the compassionate caretaker - Mother Teresa and Florence Nightingale, the visionary artist - Frida Kahlo or Isadora Duncan, the scientist - Katherine Johnson or Marie Curie, the activist - Saroajini Naidu, Rosa Parks or Susan B. Anthony, and the hero - Harriet Tubman or Clara Barton.  

Below, is a brief list of Goddesses that correlate with the characteristics of the extraordinary women I mentioned in the above example.  Some you may know, some you may want to learn about and see how they express their identity or energy signature in your daily life:

Compassion: Kuan Yin & Mary

Creative Expression: Danu & Brigid

Scientific Discoveries: Minerva & Asteria

Education and Wisdom: Seshat & Saraswati

Hero and Saviour: Nike & Durga

The principle of the Divine Feminine is the absolute knowing You Are One

with All, in Unity with every facet of life. Many of the sacred mysteries and answers are carried within us; we have simply forgotten their meaning. As children, we looked outside ourselves, in wonder at the magic and mystery that was all around. There was some invisible energy, something different leaving messages and clues to understanding the workings of the Universe. Our female bodies changed too following some predetermined formula; we became maidens and began to look within. Our bodies attuned to the cycle of life through our monthly cycles and we discovered the seed of creation carried inside us. The invisible energies of creation never faltered and some of us became the Mother aspect of the goddess, followed by the Crone, where we learned to honor our wisdom, compassion, and liberation.

The names of the Goddesses listed above, as well as, the multitude of other Goddesses, serve as reminders for us to look inward, to meditate, and see how we are connected to the Cosmos, the Great Mother and the sacred knowing deep within - We are All One, the Same and United. Embracing the energies of the Goddess is a journey and profound process; take your time. You may discover things about yourself you wish to honor and uphold and other traits you wish to release, then recreate. Once you begin to notice the goddess energy, you may wonder how to reclaim and ignite this energy in your life? Begin a sacred monthly moon record to assist you in your act of reclaiming all that you are; not only tracking your cycles, but your personal and planetary desires. The moon energies and their underlying esoteric meanings provide us with a tool and calendar to guide us. The Greek Goddess of the moon is named Selene; she embodies the Mother aspect of the triple Goddess, the fullness of fertility and rebirth. She may be one of your guides, illuminating your divine path of remembrance.

I believe the time to enliven the Goddess in the journey of self-discovery and illumination has arrived. The Divine Feminine frequency or Goddess energy is needed to help restore balance and harmony in this ever-changing world. May every woman awaken and embrace the full aspect of living a life of compassion and unity. And may every man discover the aspects of the Divine Feminine within themselves, so their actions come from a state of balance and compassion.

We are One,


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