What is Channeling and Who is the Cosmic Council?

Channeling is a very sacred profound experience. It has been described as the allowing of a spiritual entity to align with the body or energy field of the person (the Channel) making the connection. These ascended non-physical beings (e.g. Archangels and Ascended Masters) temporarily utilize the vocal cords of the Channel to communicate.

There are two forms of channeling, Conscious and Trance. Conscious Channeling occurs when the person channeling is fully aware of what is transpiring. The Channel has learned to still the mind and be in a restive quiet state in order for the being or collective to blend their energies and relay the teachings. The Channel can remember all or some of everything that is shared for a very limited time. Usually they remember the immense feelings of love and how revered we as humans are.  The messages communicated are timely and are meant to assist humanity. They can focus on cosmic truths and individual life issues.

Trance channeling takes place when the Channel remains in an altered state.  They are unable to voluntarily move and are completely unaware of their surroundings or events.  Edgar Cayce was a Trance Channel. The Channel has no memory of the contents of the session. 

I am a Conscious channel.  I become still inside and the sacred connection occurs.  


My consciousness does not leave my body. I am completely present and aware during the session.  Once completely united with the beings, the energy flow is strong and I do not experience any sort of separation, they simply speak. I remember bits and pieces of what I hear for a few days and then it disappears from my memory completely.  What I never forget is the feeling of profound love; respect, honor, awe and light we humans are held in. It is a simple, profound, healing and loving experience.

I channel the Archangels, Ascended Masters, Dragons, Unicorns and Elemental beings and have been doing so for over thirty-five years. I am delighted and honored to sit for you and share their Cosmic Counsel. The Cosmic Council (that's what I call them) never sits in judgment. Each Archangel, Master or Elemental being has chosen to be of service to mankind out of their LOVE for us. They are here to help; it is their path. My experience is that they offer guidance, give meditations, suggest a new way of looking at something or a new focus and even suggest homework for personal and spiritual growth. It is always loving guidance and Universal Truths I receive. I always feel their profound love and respect for humanity. It is their fondest desire for us to rise and remember our innate Divinity and in so doing restore the magnificence of planet Earth.



Cosmic Counsel 


Receive channeled messages from the Archangels, Ascended Masters or Elementals, while sitting in sacred space aligned with the higher vibrations of the Cosmos.  Listen to Universal Truths and receive inspirational and uplifting messages from these Ascended Beings of Light. The session is offered via Zoom video conference, phone or in person.  An MP4 is made of the channeled session and emailed to you.