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New Moon - Fast Forward, New Beginnings

Updated: Sep 21, 2018

The New Moon is approaching just as darkness is beginning to descend upon us earlier every day. The New Moon, also called the Dark Moon, will rise up in the sky on Sunday, September 9th. New Moons are not readily visible to the naked eye as the Moon is positioned between the Earth and the Sun; yet it still affords us the opportunity to focus on new beginnings, change and movement.

This New Moon takes place in the house of Virgo, a sign of integrity, order and balance. These values are powerful allies you can utilize when you sit to write out your New Moon Manifesto. These characteristics color your inner self and can shape your outward action in manifesting new goals, projects and dreams. So when you sit in meditation or commune with the Goddess Selene, focus on these attributes as you align with your Highest Self and consciously call forth your hidden dreams and desires.

This New Moon occurring during the heart of Harvest season is an opportune time to reflect on all the seeds you planted this spring and focus on the yet untapped potential energy of growth and movement still within the seeds. There remains time for a second harvest before Mother Gaia withdraws her nurturing energy and the Sun God is drawn underground for the cold winter months.

Though most of the planets have moved back into their forward rotations, Neptune is still in retrograde till November 24th. Some of you may be feeling a bit sensitive, low energy or frustrated, as if stuck behind a stalled car unable to move ahead. What you can do to jump-start your engine is to visualize your planted field bursting into fruition; propelling you towards fulfillment and the realization of your hidden dreams.

If you liken your life to a roller coaster at a summer country fair, there will be some flat stretches of track providing time to regroup your energies, steep climbs reflecting your inner strengths and deep drops that both thrill and frighten. But when you look at the coaster’s components in wholeness and reflect upon your reactions to the various different tracks; you can discern how you react to movement or lack there of. Like the planets orbiting in the heavens, you can decide how to relate to them; how to be in a state of flow and work with their energies to move forward or remain stuck or stalled.

For this New Moon I choose to move forward by focusing with intention on the one desire, one goal I wish to call into manifestation in this very Now moment. I taste it, feel it and see myself in daily action with it. I will utilize the energies of the planets and that roller coaster swooping around its track to call it to me. I will speak to the Goddess Selene and the Ancient Creator multiple times during the day to work with me to magnetize my heartfelt desire into creation. I recite this continually - I AM MANIFESTING MY DESIRES, IAM IN FLOW; I AM GRATEFUL.

Choosing to live a life in balance can yield a bountiful harvest; till next time.

Bright Blessings.


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