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Sweet Harvest Moon Magic

Updated: Feb 14, 2019

When the Goddess Selene showers the world with bright moonbeams, it’s the perfect time to look within and cast off what no longer works in your life. Be it something you no longer need, some aspect of yourself you wish to change or something unnamed you wish gone.

Full Moon energy is powerful. You may choose to harness this energy in a symbolic fire ritual to make room for new possibilities.

On September 24th in the Northern hemisphere, we will celebrate the Harvest Moon, the closest full moon to the autumnal equinox. This moon is also known as the Corn Moon in Native American tradition, for the light it casts illuminates the fields as the last harvest is picked. It is also a time for counting your blessings, giving thanks for the bounty in your life and the long fruitful harvest season.

Every year for the Harvest Moon, I host a celebration and release ritual with family and friends. We each write out our Full Moon Manifesto, a decree, which clearly states what we wish to release from our life; this record becomes the focal point of the fire ceremony. We begin by gathering in a circle around the fire pit and its sacred flame. I then open the celebration by inviting into the circle the 4 directions and 5 elements. If you are working inside, please be safe and alter this ritual to meet your needs, here is a suggestion. Light a candle and use the power of your breath by speaking the words of your release over the lit candle. See the smoke from the candle mix with your breath carrying your intent through and beyond an open window direct to Source. Below is the opening ritual I will use for this Harvest Full Moon. Please partake of its magic in your own ceremony.

Opening Our Sacred Circle of Celebration

I begin by honoring the directions and elements. Drumming in the energies is a way to unite with the heartbeat of Mother Earth. Tonight I will reflect on how the elements pertain to the harvest and bounty.

Calling in the 4 Directions and 5 Elements

Facing South: I call in the element of Earth. Earth is the womb of creation; we plant our seeds in her flesh. She offers us nourishment, support, protection and life. We would not survive without her unending generosity. I invite the animal allies of Boa and Anaconda to join our celebration. Spirit of the South and Earth, I humbly invite you to our circle.

Facing West: I call in the element of Water. Water nourishes the seeds to help grow strong, plentiful crops. It works in balance with the sun; to show us when we exist in a state of harmony we receive abundance. I invite the animal allies of Whale and Dolphin to join our celebration. Spirit of the West and Water, I humbly invite you to our circle.

Facing North: I call in the element of Air. Air blows the seeds of creation around the Earth. It also helps corn grow plentiful by bringing more carbon dioxide to the fields and reducing the dew in the mornings, creating a healthier stronger plant. I invite the animal allies of Condor and Eagle to join our celebration. Spirit of the North and Air, I humbly invite you to our circle.

Facing East: I call in the element of Fire. Fire brings warmer temperatures and improved soil conditions thus increasing the crop yield. It also provides us with heat to cook our grains and harvest, which sustains our bodies. I invite the animal ally of Puma and Jaguar to join our celebration. Spirit of the East and Fire, I humbly invite you to our circle.

Standing Center: I call in the element of Spirit. Spirit is the underlying energy of creation. It flows from one stalk to the next, connecting all life. The roots of our harvest corn are flush with its sweetness. I invite the animal allies of llama and alpaca to join our celebration In balance and gratitude, I humbly invite Spirit to our circle.

Now, everyone places their writings into the fire pit (or your version of one). As the pages burn we recite aloud:

“As corn is split and chaff cast off, so too do I release the worthless dross in my life. I AM Ready to Embrace and Receive the Bounty and Fullness of Mother Gaia and Father Sky into my life. I am grateful.”

Once the decrees have burned down, breathe in deeply and take in this newly cleansed energy into your being, we do this for seven breaths. With your tongue on the soft palate of your mouth, inhale for a count of seven, then hold your breath for a count of seven, then release for a count of seven. We are engaging all of our energy fields and charging them with this rarified energy. I now close the circle by drumming the energies home and offering heartfelt thanks to any spirit allies that were here supporting this ceremony. I thank the Lady Selene, Mother Gaia, Father Sky, our animal brethren and the Cosmic Brotherhood for their assistance in transmuting and carrying our inner most desires to the center of the Universe.

As the embers glow it’s time to share the fruits of the harvest with all who have gathered; a bounty of crisp apples, cranberry nut muffins, hot mulled cider and fresh baked bread.  

May these delicious confections engender sweet memories.

Bright Blessings,


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