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Honoring the Past to Create a Bright Future

Samhain is a time-honored celebration and fire festival from long ago that evolved from Pagan and Celtic traditions that honored the circle of life and death. The Celtic New Year

was celebrated, the past year reviewed and preparations for the coming winter commenced. This celebration morphed into different meanings with the onset of Christianity and Catholic celebrations of glorified souls; becoming All–Hallowmas, a day to honor Christian martyrs and saints. What is similar is that all these celebrations involved the sharing of food with the poor and leaving gifts for the departed. Bonfires and costumes marked the different worlds, as the Veil separating the here and beyond grew transparent. This autumn celebration has again evolved into what we celebrate today, Halloween; a night of trick or treating, sharing sweets and for some a day to honor ancestors.

For those with awareness and sensitivity to certain energy frequencies, a shift in the very

air can be felt; the Veil or separation between the past, present and future is merging. The changing of the boundaries between worlds at this time of year can be used to see and release issues from prior generations. We can in mediation and ceremony seek out our ancestral family. We can ask for guidance, honor and release what no longer needs to be repeated from generation to generation. I use this time to sit with a lit candle and my crystals to reach deep into my familial DNA and bloodline. I choose to honor the past and my Ancestors, yet choose to create my own present and future clean of familial history that could dampen my light.

A Ritual to Honor our Ancestors and Release History

My ritual on Samhain begins with an offering for my ancestral bloodline. As I kneel on my land, I have my sacred offerings with me: sunflower seeds, honey, clear quartz crystals, tobacco and frankincense. The clear quartz is placed on the earth in the form of a small circle denoting the movement of the great wheel; I then place my offerings inside its sacred boundary. In the center when I am ready I place and light a small candle in a glass jar and speak words honoring my forbearers. Each one of us has stories, memories we have or have been told. I honor these memories and the harsh times and roads I know my family endured as they crossed oceans to come to and survive in a new world. I thank them for their sacrifices and for my life. When I am done, I blow the candle out and bring it inside with me, but leave the ceremonial circle outside to continue sending gratitude.

Once inside I sit with five stones before this same relit candle. I place the following four crystals around me in positions of the compass. In the South/Earth, I place Petrified Wood. In the West/Water I place Blue Kyanite. In the North/Air I place Merlinite. In the East/Fire I place Honey Calcite and for Center/Ether I hold Astrophyllite. I now gaze into the light of the candle inviting energies to lead me on a journey where only I can go. My journey to sacred space, beyond the familiar time construct begins.

I meditate with sacred intent to meet my ancestors that have heard my messages. I honor them and speak to them for guidance. I then release any family history and energy that no longer needs a voice in this current time, behaviors and judgmental thinking which do not serve my highest good. My family energy signature will always be a part of me, but it will no longer burden me; its uniqueness will now lift me to ever-higher levels of being.

There is no timeframe for this meditation, follow the path to your ancestors. This is profound, sacred work. You are honoring your entire families history, breath and blood. Take your time and be gentle with yourself. You may notice memories surfacing or make connections to places or people you have forgotten or suddenly feel akin to. This work is about freedom and forward movement unencumbered by the past. You are choosing to grow and reclaim all the sparks and pieces that make you, YOU. When I feel complete I express gratitude to all that have come before me and to those that will come after me, now I slowly open my eyes and breathe. I am here in this very moment of Samhain, back in my timeframe, sitting by my lit candle. Iusually sit for a bit and ponder what I just experienced. Perhaps I met a new guide during this meditation, been given a gift, message or healing instrument. Our ancestors provide many opportunities for growth and release. It’s good to drink a glass or two of water

or enjoy an herbal tea after making a spiritual journey. When I feel centered and completely alert, I wrap up warm and cozy and head off to sleep.

This time of year can be transformational, very much like when you don a costume, you can find new aspects of self. Honor your journey and intuition as you revisit the past in order to build a stronger future. I offer gratitude to all who walk besides me on my journey this lifetime. May your cup overflow with sweet treats of the season and the joy of self-discovery;

I am honored.

Bright Samhain Blessings ,


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