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The wisdom of our body for survival is to be honored.  

As infants we instinctively reached out, cried when hungry and slept,  our needs met; perfect scenario. However, basic needs were not always met and our bodies, even in infancy adapted with muscles tightening and vocal cords restricting.  

As we grew, we adapted further to situations and environments, learning to  mask our feelings, creating more blocks and unhealthy emotional patterns for survival.  ​Until  one-day, a thought, situation or pain acts as a catalyst shifting our awareness.  We begin to question - realizing something is missing. This aha moment is the starting point for change through movement.   

Movement is Remembering - Remembering is Healing.

Soul-Light Transformational Movement™ (SLTM) creates an opportunity to release held emotions and trauma, as we reclaim and rebuild our bodies in wholeness. A safe environment provides the space for you to reconnect with different experiences from your past.  Our bodies remember and if given the opportunity will show us how to weave a new story of forgiveness and peace.  In re-enlivening our bodies, we awaken our Soul-Light to shine anew.

What happens during a Soul-Light Transformational Movement session? 

This is a time to begin to explore grounding and your physical connection to the earth. You may feel sensations, warmth, cold or shivers.  Your body is guiding you. What is needed is time for you to explore, enliven and empower self as you release memories and embody your life.


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Soul-Light Transformational Movement Private Sessions

The session is about remembering and honoring your body.  Each person moves at their own pace, as they begin to intuitively discover their own natural state-of-being.  SLTM is deep, personal exploration. Through movement we are able to unearth, explore and release one’s history and take steps to reclaim our aliveness


Those wishing private sessions in movement can Get in Touch for more information.

Soul-Light Transformational Movement 101:  Beginning of the Remembering Process

We will wake-up our cellular memory and begin the Soul-Light journey. Through intuitive movement and body meditations we will initiate the recovery process, reconnecting with aspects of self once forgotten. This one-day workshop is open to all.  No previous movement experience or courses required. 

Women’s Movement and Awareness Group - “This is My Body”


Expand your breath.  Open your body.  Claim your size.


This group meets weekly for 6 weeks to discover the power stored within the feminine body.    

We meet 6:30 – 9:30PM.

You will be provided an opportunity to:

  •  Reclaim your body as a place of power and joy

  •  Learn ways to express your grandness through your body

  •  Deepen your connection and sensation with the earth - our Mother

  •  Integrate your emotional and spiritual energies

  • No previous movement experience or courses required

The 12 Chakras: Dancing the Divine Connection - Workshop

Learn and connect to your expanded chakra system. Through movement, voice, sound and essential oils, each chakra will be explored and honored. We dance and move reveling in self-expression and discovery. This full-day workshop is for women only.  No previous movement experience or courses required.

Movement and Prayer: Reconnecting with the Stillness and Beauty of Mother Gaia and Ancient Creator - Workshop

We begin by honoring the four directions in prayer and meditation.  We will discuss breathing and the joy of moving in meditation. We will discover our connection to prayer and the gifts it offers.  This is a powerful and transformational experience for each member and for the group as a whole. This one-day workshop is open to all.  No previous movement experience or courses required. 

Awakening the Creative Spirit - Workshop

“Look, I’m a bear, a dolphin, a bee, said I.” Spirit comes in many ways, through the guise of animal totems, dreams and words. By Awakening the Creative Spirit, we connect with the natural world and the land of faeries, dragons, animal guides and infinite possibilities. 


Using movement, guided meditation and sound journeying, we will welcome our “support” team.  We will explore these energies and ask for guidance, as each participant brings with them an intent/focus that they would like to work on.  Or, you may allow spirit to move you in a particular direction. We will dance, draw and journal our experiences. This one-day workshop is open to all.  No previous movement experience or courses required.

Losing a Loved One: Moving Out the Grief - Workshop

Loss is very personal and cannot be measured in days, weeks or years.  In grieving, we find ourselves experiencing the depth of the ocean or wandering in unknown terrain. How do you remember the love and release the pain? In a sacred and safe environment, we will explore intuitive movements to aid in the release of grief and loss, allowing for healing to begin.  All are welcome. No previous movement experience or courses required. 

Soul-Light Transformational Movement™ Groups & Workshops


See Calendar of Events for dates and times.

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