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Living through the Celestial Rays of Love

Updated: Feb 15, 2019

On the celestial heels of the Super Wolf Full Moon, the Lunar Eclipse and the celebration of All Hearts Day tomorrow, I find it an auspicious time to bring Divine Love and Compassion to life inside our subtle energy fields. Each of us in our own way has the ability to notice things, be visually driven, and intellectually curious - but now is the time to focus on the energies and expansiveness of the heart.

All the master energies that were transmitted during the Wolf Moon & Lunar Eclipse concentrated on the heart center and emotional body. These two sacred celestial events were the beginning of heart energy transmissions; they were calls to action - asking us to live in direct relationship and compassion to all life. The Peruvian shamans call this Ayni, living in sacred reciprocity with all our relations. Sacred relationship is about sharing our authentic self, our gifts, wisdom, and raising each other up in light; uniting as a global community.

As a way to unite and anchor these lunar energies with the sacred energy of love which blossoms on All Hearts Day, we suggest the following guided mediation. Sit daily for 10 - 20 minutes and unite with the heart-warming, expansive rays of Celestial Love - calling upon Quan Yin, the Magdalene, Lord Sananda, or your spiritual guides to assist you.

Celestial Rays of Love Meditation©

To begin, sit comfortably and ask to receive the energies for your highest good and heart expansion. Now, close your eyes and see before you a fully opened pink lotus blossom, pink peony or rose. Envision yourself sitting in the center of this majestic creation, breathe deeply and sink into the softness and gentleness that surrounds you. Sit with your arms by your sides and palms open to the Universe. Now, consciously open your heart and crown chakras to receive the energies and blessings as they begin to flow forth. Picture a pink ray of light flowing down from the Cosmos, it enters your crown chakra and cascades down through and around your energy fields permeating your being - it is gentle and sweet. You are infused with the frequency of light and love as you sit in the center of the pink lotus; you are glowing with the energy of compassion, acceptance and unconditional love. This is the Ray of Celestial Love; breathe deeply, receive and surrender. Gradually, the pink ray of light changes in color becoming pale lilac and then deep amethyst. Continue to breathe deeply until you unite with the Ray of Divine Transformation. When you are ready, the deep purple slowly transforms to an iridescent diamond ray filled with clear crystals that glisten with rainbows. See yourself sitting in the center of the opened flower immersed in this diamond rainbow ray; it is the Ray of Unity. Your vibrational signature is being lifted; your heart is awakening to the joys of living from the heart. Remain in this meditation, breathing, surrendering, and uniting with the rays. Then, see the diamond ray fade and you are sitting in the center of the pink lotus. Slowly, bring your attention back to your physical body, gently stretch and place your hands on your heart. You are a living, breathing Child of the Universe; know you are deeply loved and cherished. The lotus fades and you are once again sitting in your sacred space. Open your eyes; you are awake, alert, and fully present.

This guided meditation can be practiced daily for several weeks and then weekly thereafter. As your being aligns with the higher heart frequencies you will need to drink more water. With each sip remember the celestial rays; then go about your day with this loving energy emanating from your center.

This is our heartfelt gift to all. May you unite with the sweetness of living a heart- centered life through the unlimited energies of Love, Transformation, and Unity.

Love + Light

Victoria & Valerie

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