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Animal Reiki
End of Life Healing for Pets

“I have been so blessed to receive news and guidance from the angels through Victoria’s direct connection to the angelic realm.  I’ve been able to make very important decisions for my life based on my sessions with her and I am beyond grateful for Victoria's extraordinary gifts.” 


- Raven Keyes, Author 

"The Healing Light of Angels: Transforming Your Past, Present & Future with Divine Energy" and "The Healing Power of Reiki: A Modern Master's Approach to Emotional, Spiritual & Physical Wellness." 



"Victoria set up a sacred crystal intention grid for both the fundraising and then the production of my film: Between the Shades.  All I know is that both were highly successful. Her work and what she asked of me helped keep me focused and balanced."

- Film Director, Jill Salvino



"Victoria’s crystal healing helped me during a stressful time in my life. The sessions provided tranquility and deep peace, allowing me to think about critical decisions in a simplistic manor, free from other daily distractions. She was in tune with how I felt and tailored the session as such. I felt deep relaxation and mental clarity that lasted for weeks to come".




Victoria is not only an excellent Channel but also an exceptional advisors.  Some people see and don’t know, some know and don’t see.  The most satisfying combination is when one is both an excellent Channel and a wise counselor.  I’ve met with Victoria several times and each time she was insightful, professional, helpful and accurate.  I highly recommend her if you need assistance with any area of your life.  

-CR, Maine



"I pursued Valerie's medical reiki treatment after my dog, Bodhi, was hit by a car. The accident led to the amputation of his leg. What we thought would be a difficult journey proved to be a smooth transition, largely thanks to Valerie.


Valerie and Bodhi's sessions took place multiple times a week and after the first two weeks, even my veterinary surgeon was pleasantly surprised at how fast and beautifully Bodhi's incision had healed. He said he'd never seen anything like it. Valerie played a huge part in Bodhi's recovery even after the outside was healed. She helped Bodhi focus his energy on learning to walk again.  I could see a visible relaxation take over him as soon as their sessions would begin. She worked her magic while helping him rebuild muscle and strength... forget walking; Bodhi was running in no time! (Bodhi received no physical therapy - just Valerie's reiki.  It was a miracle before my eyes, and I will always recommend this wonderful woman and her services to anyone considering that."


- CD. NY


"Valerie and her team approached our Teen Night with professionalism and loving care.  They brought everything they needed and set-up was on time and beautifully presented.  Our youth attendees learned something new and had a great time exploring and discovering their strengths and sharing the experiences with other students from our community.  Our youth and adult attendees/chaparones appreciated the opportunity to meet new people, discuss creating new opportunities for students to experience alternative ways to have fun, make healthy choices that don't include underage drinking. 

Thank you sincerely and we look forward to additional Reiki Peace Nights and providing Safe Spaces!"


Lindenhurst Community Cares Coalition, Inc



"Valerie is an exceptionally gifted healer.  She has helped our loving and very skittish dog Rylie to come into her own.  Her nervousness and hesitation around people has completely gone.  She has become playful and happy.  Our whole family is benefittng from Valerie's care."


- PJ, Celestial Strategies


"Victoria, I was truly affected - in a big way- by the channeling session with you last month. Within the first few minutes, I was immediately excited and humbled. You connected with Archangel Michael and channeled very specific messages about how I was progressing on my life’s path and what I should ideally be focusing on going forward. I’ve had mediumship readings before, as well as psychic readings, but the tenor of your messages was unique and I knew this was coming from a source with a much higher perspective. When Buddha came into the session and commented about my need to just “be”, instead of feeling the need to constantly “do”, and when he tied this into my upbringing, I knew that I was hearing Truth. Now that I’ve had some time to reflect on the messages that came through, I’m so glad that I had the opportunity to sit with you in your beautiful serene space for this guidance. I’m planning on coming back next year for a “progress report “ because the first time was such a treat!"


- Sharon E., New York


"Just before her 4th birthday our beloved Great Dane Duchess, was diagnosed with leukemia and began chemotherapy shortly after. We knew that it couldn’t save her, but we would enjoy at least a little more time with her. Certain that Duchess could benefit from energetic support and healing in tandem with the chemo, a friend led us to Val, with assurances that she would bring an element of compassionate care we would find no where else. She was right, and I will be forever grateful for Val’s sessions with our girl, as she was visibly and wonderfully effected each time. While a person’s reactions during a treatment could be the result of many different variables, a dog’s are true. Not only did Val bring peace and a deep, healing relaxation to Duchess each time, but we as a family benefitted from the kindness and understanding that she brought into our home. Although Duchess passed later in the year, I know that together we all nurtured her and she was surrounded by light and love. "

- CF, New York



"I had the great pleasure of meeting both Victoria and Valerie at a Medial Reiki Retreat in Glastonbury, UK, in the summer of 2017.  One of the highlights of that trip was a private reading with Victoria and her guides.  She was spot on!  If you are looking for answers, I would highly recommend a session with her; it could possibly change your life!"

- CHR,  Iowa


 "I have received several channeling sessions from Victoria. I am always amazed by what I learn and hear. I have been opened to my own abilities by her gentle, open manner. I am so grateful to have met her. "

- BD, Alberta, Canada


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