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Howling the Truth

We are racing towards the Full Moon and Total Lunar Eclipse - the Super Blood Wolf Moon & Eclipse energies are ramping up. They will be in full force this Sunday and Monday, January 20 & 21, creating a cosmic mirror for deep inner work and renewal. During an eclipse the Earth passes between the Sun & the Moon, blocking the Sun’s light from reaching the Moon’s surface, in essence, the Moon will be wrapped in the Earth’s shadow or umbra. The full moon will occur at 12:16 AM ET, this celestial event is creating a portal for us to step into our truth; the time has come to claim our whole self and mastery, to create a more fulfilling and awakened life!

The energies have already begun to affect our emotions and inner workings. We may be questioning our motivations and waking patterns. The unsettled feelings, fatigue and disquiet are here to serve as tools to make us aware that there is a greater way to be, to catalyze higher vibrational frequencies in our subtle energy fields, and bring into consciousness our Divine Self. This is an opportune time to witness and review what causes each of us to be pulled off-center and to turn inward for the answers, to look deep into the recesses of the past and bring these memories and feelings into the light. We may choose to release and heal these life-defining moments in order to step into the fullness of a future created without limiting beliefs and doubts.

During this time of introspection and self-healing it is important to stay connected to the Earth’s energies. Grounding connects us to the Earth and aids in the process of transformation. There are many different ways to ground, here are a few ideas: walk outside and breathe in the energies of the trees and plants; it connects us to nature and the Earth’s frequencies. Stand upon the Earth with legs wide apart and arms open and relaxed while breathing deeply, this taps into the Earth’s electromagnetic field. Sit quietly and meditate with crystals from the center of the Earth, this will bring one’s energy effortlessly down to the core of Gaia. Grounding crystals can be black, dark grey, red or dark brown in color; Black Tourmaline, Smokey Quartz, Shungite or Tiger Iron are possible choices. Water is a powerful carrier of energy and very grounding. Place one’s hands under running water and envision the connection to every body of water on Gaia, this will fortify your relationship to the life force of Mother Earth. In every action you undertake during this time of moon illumination and transformation, it is important to remember to be gentle and patient with yourself; everything is unfolding in its rightful time.

There is much change occurring across the globe, the celestial movements of the planets are acting as mirrors for us all. It is an age of discovery, a remembrance of the power of love and unity. The time has come to choose to transform and embrace this brave new world with open arms; may your time communing with the Wolf Moon be enlightening.

We honor your journey,

Victoria & Valerie

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