A gentle, deeply relaxing, renewing alternative healing modality, which uses crystals and the scientific principle of entrainment, to restore balance to the body and well-being to spirit. Each session incorporates the Light Column Activation™ technique and use of crystals of a specific color and vibrational frequency to restore balance, remove energetic blocks and align the energy pathways of the major chakras.  The Hibiscus Moon Crystal-Healing method is used during all sessions.  

Session Details:

  • Client lies down on massage table fully clothed

  • Subtle energies of the body’s chakras and overall energy field are sensed

  • Crystals are placed on or around the body to clear energy, align the energy centers and restore balance 

  • doTERRA essential oils, Tibetan Bowls or tuning forks may be added to layer in additional vibrational frequencies


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