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Aim for Balance

Updated: Oct 22, 2018

The golden light and falling leaves strewn across my yard can only mean we have slipped into autumn. The geese glide across my canal looking for treats to send them off on their journey to warmer climes. These natural signposts tell me we have fully arrived in the transitional month of October. I enjoy spending time outside soaking up the crisper air, hot cider around the fire pit and reestablishing my connection to the Earth one last time before she goes into hibernation.

October’s full moon is usually referred to as the Hunter’s Moon, but it can also be called the Blood Moon, Sanguine Moon or Dying Grass Moon. The Hunter’s Moon will rise in the northern hemisphere Wednesday, October 24th at 12:45 PM. This is the time our ancestors began preparations for winter to ensure their survival by hunting the summer-fattened deer and preserving meats and grains. The Hunter’s Moon was so named because it cast an exceedingly bright light enabling hunters to stalk their prey into the early hours of morning.  We can employ this same brilliant light today as explorers of consciousness to illuminate areas within our life in need of balance and fortification.

I plan to sit outside under a moonlit sky a day or so before the full moon examining my life and my physical body. I will meditate on the subjects of balance and physical endurance. As the Hunter’s Moon reflects the traits and instincts for survival, I find it an opportune time to work on balancing my root chakra.

The root chakra is associated with basic survival needs, a strong physical body and sense of self. It’s also a portal to the Earth’s energies, which we tap into to aid in our physical manifestations. Located at the base of the spine and the groin, this chakra forms the basis for our presence in the physical world. It colors our survival instincts, our connection to the Earth and our passion for living. When this chakra is out of balance you might find yourself with a reduced zest for life or a physical malaise. You may even find yourself ruminating on the time immemorial question - what is my place in the world?

For this combined full moon ritual and chakra balance I will focus on any new awareness and knowledge garnered from my pre-ritual moon meditations and use crystals gifted from Mother Earth to entrain with my root chakra to restore balance. Full moon energies are available to work with 24 hours before and 24 hours after the actual full moon, so you have a window for your personal ritual. I generally perform mine during the late afternoon or early part of the evening. Please join me if you desire, to welcome in the autumn season in balance and harmony. Below is my Hunter’s Moon Ritual.

Hunter’s Moon Ritual

First thing I do is assemble all the tools I have chosen for the ritual - a white candle representative of the Goddess Selene and the full moon, the crystals for the root chakra balancing, my journal and a warm blanket to lie under. I begin by lighting the candle, which is inside a glass holder and then by the light of the candle I recite my intent aloud. Speaking out is an important part of the ceremony, as words carry their own unique frequency and vibration, which will support my desired outcome. I speak directly to Mother Earth and Mother Moon. I see a similarity in the meaning of the Hunter’s Moon and the metaphysical duties of the root chakra, so my intent will focus on balance, physical stamina and being connected to the Earth. In addition to my specific intent, I will ask for healing, guidance and messages from the Angels and Masters. Once I have finished reading my intent, I place the candle on the ground far away from where I intend to sit, so no accidents happen.

Then I sit or lie down with my spine against the Earth’s skin and carry out a root chakra balancing, my journal is by my side. By lying on the Earth directly my body will naturally align with the Earth’s electromagnetic field helping me to ground my energies (that was part of my intent!) Placing the crystals that resonate with the root chakra comes next - Magnetite is put about 6 inches below my feet, Smokey Quartz is set on my root chakra and Moss Agate on my Heart chakra. Engaging the heart chakra during a root chakra balancing is a completely personal choice, but here’s why I do it. I like to connect the grounding Earth energies with my heart, so I continually move through my life in a state of compassionate connection to all things. In each hand and just above my head (at the crown chakra), I have small clear quart points, with the points facing towards my feet. Now that the crystals are in place I settle under my blanket, close my eyes and take several deep-centering breaths and surrender. I will lie here for 15 – 30 minutes. When the time has passed I gently open my eyes and bring my attention back to my body and my surroundings. If I feel awake and aware I gently sit up and remove the crystals from my root, heart and crown chakra. I leave the Magnetite at my feet for the next 5 minutes or so. As this part of the ritual is complete, I offer deep gratitude and thanks to Mother Earth, Mother Moon, the crystals and all guides for their support and assistance tonight.

Since I asked for guidance or messages as part of my intent, if I received any I’ll journal about it now. Writing down an experience is also a way to ground those energies in your memory. I now remove the Magnetite crystal from my feet and gather up all the ritual items. Each ritual has its own flavor and each chakra session is unique unto itself. Working with crystals is a very gentle, restorative experience, which typically leaves me feeling calm and centered. When I combine crystals and ritual work it reminds me I am part of something cosmic and immense, yet at the same time anchored to this beautiful planet. The Hunter’s Moon ritual is now complete, but I want to leave you with more information about this special time of year.

October’s full moon is also a wonderful time to commune with the Goddess Diana, the Goddess of the hunt, forests and animals.  Her name means light or bright sky.  She is also known as a goddess of childbirth, holding a revered place amongst women. She is both gentle and balanced, but her shadow self can be that of an avenging warrior.  She asks us

to look inward to find balance and strengthen our connection to nature and all its creatures.

To honor my connection to the Goddess Diana, I will leave offerings of food in gratitude

to all the animals that grace my land and offer Angelic Reiki to the creatures of our planet.

As the ancestors knew, October is both a time for celebration and hearth related activities. It’s the time to begin stocking cupboards with beans and grains for hearty soups and stews to enjoy during the cold dark months of winter. I will make pots of curried winter squash soup and rustic vegetable chili to put in the freezer. The final batches of walnut and cashew pesto will be made to brighten a winter meal. New recipes for the upcoming holiday season will be created. Donations for soup kitchens and animal shelters will begin to grow in my garage, as gratitude, celebration and giving are all parts of the energies of this full moon

as well.

As I sit outside wrapped in the warmth of friends and family, I wish you all a blessed Hunter's Moon. May your larder be full, your friends plentiful and may the Light always guide your path.

Bright Blessings,


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