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Bountiful Mabon Blessings

Updated: Feb 14, 2019

The light is golden this time of year. A cornucopia filled with russet pears, honey crisp apples, cinnamon nut muffins, seeds and grain from the final harvest. It is also the harbinger of longer nights and shorter darker days, a time to focus on your own inner light, to honor the deeper wisdom of your being. The Goddess has retreated to the underworld, leaving the crops to wither and nature to prepare for winter and slumber. The energies become restive and introspective prompting inner discourse on your connection to the Goddess, the Ancients, the Elements, the Cosmos and your Divine spark.

Mabon, is also known as the autumnal equinox; the second time in the year when light and dark exist in a state of balance. This time is often referred to as the waning or dying of the sun, a time for seeking balance, counting your blessings and honoring loved ones that have crossed with celebration and remembrance. We may celebrate any Earth Goddess, as she represents the connection to the harvest, life, death and rebirth. I have chosen to introduce you to Moronoe, the Morgen of the Earth from the land of Avalon. She is one of nine sisters, the Nine Morgens; each sister representing a varied frequency of the divine feminine as it expresses through nature, animals, weather and women. Her energy is represented by the cooler winds from the North and hues of red and gold, fall foliage at its peak. Orchards are brimming with apples, pears, nuts and berries ripe from the final harvest, ready for celebration and the pantry. Moronoe’s energies represent the Mother aspect of the triple Goddess, maturity, strength and an acceptance of self in ones rich and wiser years.

The waning moon is symbolic of this Earth Morgen, with her energies of stillness and self-reflection.

We celebrate the eternal circle of life, death and rebirth with a full sense of awareness and awe. Now is the time to light candles, bake bread and collect changing leaves, dropped acorns, sage and sunflowers for a seasonal altar. Moronoe represents the peak of the harvest, the abundance of the fields, the acceptance of aging and dying as a natural state of being. She is also a protector of the Earth and its creatures. To honor this connection, which is yours as well, create an offering for the animal kingdom and leave it on a tree for our feathered brethren to sustain them during the winter months. Sharing ones abundance is the compassionate, knowing aspect of the Goddess, for we are all each other’s caretakers.

Though her energies are aligned with Avalon and Glastonbury, she represents all Earth Goddesses and their connection to Mother Gaia. Her treasures are both visible and hidden. The fertile fields are her outward expression, the crystal kingdom her womb or inner world, full of magic and healing energies. The crystals of Moronoe, for your autumn altar and spiritual work are: pyrite, red carnelian, yellow topaz, red jasper, hematite, citrine, smokey quartz, tigers eye, moonstone and champagne tourmaline. Use them in meditation or a grid to help you focus on what is rich and fruitful in your life and on what you wish to release as an offering to Gaia. Let a husk of corn be symbolic of what you offer, burn it as an outward action of that intent. Let the Mother Moronoe transmute your offering and utilize its energies for the seeding of next years harvest and the cycle of rebirth.

Celebrate the bounty of your life with friends, honor your ancestors and loved ones by sharing memories and photographs over a slice of warm apple pie, pumpkin latte or mulled cider. Life is sweet. Share the bounty and your Divine Light during this season of growing darkness.

Bright Blessings,


Reference: Jones, Kathy, 2006, Priestess of Avalon, Priestess of the Goddess. A Renewed Spiritual Path for the 21st Century,Ariadne Publications, Glastonbury, Somerset

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