"You become the heart, the seed of all possibilities, there is no separation between you and the Universe -

this is true Ascension." Lord Kuthumi

Cosmic Gaia Reiki® (CGR) came into being over many sessions of channeled information.  It began one Sunday afternoon when Ascended Master Sananda spoke on Ascension energy. He said there was a new wave of energy waiting to come forth; he spoke of the energies of Heaven and Earth coming together in a state of complete balance in the human body. This unification of the energies of the Cosmos, with the physical elements and energies of Gaia, would create the CGR frequency. This heightened wave of energy was to be infused into the heart-centers and subtle energy fields of humankind.  

What occurred week after week, was instruction on how to purify ourselves, raise our vibration and learn about the physical elements of Mother Earth.  Once we understood and surrendered to the Gaia energies, we began the study of the Cosmos and Creation. 

Heaven and Earth are well-defined images in our society, but when these energies are united, they become something far greater.  As Ascended Master Sananda explained “When this new energy exists in the physical body, it is more than Ascension for you become in tune with every vibration that exists in both Heaven and Earth.  You are One with Creation;  there is no longer any separation. Woman and or Man, Human, the Divine; awake in every breath.”

The CGR system consists of meditations, spiritual exercises, esoteric knowledge and attunements.

It is a process of Becoming.  Surrendering to something far greater than your ego, becoming one with the energies of the Cosmos and Gaia.

Cosmic Gaia Reiki® Sessions 

During a session, the practitioner becomes a channel for the Cosmic Gaia frequency.  This energy is transmitted to the client’s physical body and aura ​for the upliftment of their vibrational signature.

The session can be a catalyst to experience profound illumination, rebalancing and realignment of energies and shifts in consciousness.

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