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New Moon Rising from the Ashes

The Phoenix in Greek mythology is the bird that has the power of regeneration, as it is reborn from the ashes of its former self. Though associated with the Sun, I think it is a very appropriate symbol for the New Moon as well. Tonight, we have a New Moon at 15° Pisces, ushering in highly spiritual energy. New Moons occur when the alignment of the Sun, the Moon, and Earth leaves the side of the Moon facing the Earth in complete darkness. The Moon is so close to the Sun its glare hides it, hence it is invisible to the naked eye. The perceived darkness of the Moon made me think of the ashes of the Phoenix and its primal life-force energy waiting to be set free to rise again.

The New Moon, like the Phoenix represents a time of hope and emergence. It is a time for wishing, setting intentions, and planting dream seeds. The New Moon represents a time for fresh starts and an opportunity to celebrate new beginnings, to embark on life altering transformations, and to obtain spiritual growth from the Moon’s simmering energy.

Growth can begin one degree at a time or by one sliver of moonlight, all that is needed is the desire to look within for change, to release the old in a blaze of fire in order to be reborn and begin anew. The essence of the New Moon and the lore of the Phoenix offer us that possibility.

Tonight, I will place in a cast-iron pan an image of myself and a photo of an ancestor, I will use a picture of my maternal grandmother, if I can find it, if not, I will write her full name on paper and place it in the pot to burn. My intent is to release generational history and familial encoding, to release all ties that bind and influence me, so I may stand in my new life as me; a shining one. I do this with the utmost love and respect for those that have come before me and for the agreements we carried; but it is done. I do not need to repeat history, like a play performed every day. There is a rewrite-taking place. I consciously choose to begin each day full of life, love, and abundance. You may choose to release behaviors and limiting beliefs, the New Moon will accept all desires for transformation.

We begin a new 28-day cycle each New Moon, what a wonderful opportunity to look at one’s life and make changes. I wish everyone a gentle journey through their history and the fulfillment of their dreams.

To New Beginnings,


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