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The Hidden Abundance in Moonlight

Updated: Sep 21, 2018

The Full Moon graces the night sky this Sunday, August 26th. In many Native American cultures, the signaling of preparing for the winter to come is known as the Sturgeon Moon.  This was the time when sturgeons were abundant and running in the Great Lakes and along the James River in Richmond.  It was a time of hunting and gathering of natural riches to sustain one during the fallow months. A successful harvest and the capturing of a leviathan sturgeon meant family and community would weather the winter with bellies full.

Full Moons occur when the Goddess Selene is at her brightest in the sky, when her light shines on all that is hidden or stagnant. It is an opportune time to release what no longer works in your life.  Be it some aspect of yourself you wish to change or something you no longer need. Meditations and rituals performed during Full Moon cycles can assist you in fulfilling your desire for transformation.

This Full Moon however, I’d like to shift focus and look at the flip side of letting go. To gaze into the newly opened space within us and focus on the sensation and experience of fullness created from the divestment of memories and things.  

When we allow ourselves the gift of release from our encumbrances and the mindset that keeps abundance and heartfelt joy at bay,we give ourselves permission to see through a clean lens. Perhaps discovering a new vision of self and a new way of being by viewing the world in wholeness, gratitude and joy.  When one begins to believe in this new vision of fullness there can be a profusion of laughter, tears and unencumbered joy from this one simple act.

I cannot tell you what decisions you have made around abundance, or what you have learned about it; I can only see what I learned from my upbringing and my own choices. What I offer is a suggestion, an experiment to shift the way I/you look at life, by choosing to see fullness and abundance in everything, beginning with self.

For the next two weeks, from Full Moon to New Moon I will consciously choose to see the fullness and joy in all things. I will delight in the natural beauty that is all around. My spirit will rise from the laughter of children. I will savor the first sip of coffee in the morning. The beauty of the first moonbeam kissing the ocean will captivate me. My heart will burst with song from time spent with good friends.

I will begin my mornings in meditation with this mantra emanating from my heart: "I experience joy and see abundance in all things - in this and every moment. I Am Whole. I Am Joy. I Am Abundant and I Am Grateful."

I look forward to creating more fullness, joy and abundance of everything in my life and

I hope you join me in this experiment.I look forward to your comments and the results of your new choices. I wish you all an abundance of peace and joy.

Bright Blessings,


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