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A Full Plate

The full Moon rises this Friday at 12:39 A.M. EST, but it will be visible in the sky tonight. The Algonquin Nation calls this beautiful full moon the Beaver Moon, as this was when beaver traps were set before the back waterways and ponds froze. This was the last opportunity to add to the winter fur stores for the tribes and surrounding community. This moon, also known as the Full Frost Moon by other Nations, heralds the early onset of colder days and snow to come. It is seren

The Hidden Abundance in Moonlight

The Full Moon graces the night sky this Sunday, August 26th. In many Native American cultures, the signaling of preparing for the winter to come is known as the Sturgeon Moon.  This was the time when sturgeons were abundant and running in the Great Lakes and along the James River in Richmond.  It was a time of hunting and gathering of natural riches to sustain one during the fallow months. A successful harvest and the capturing of a leviathan sturgeon meant family and communi

The Wheel Turns – Lammas & the Fruition of Our Dreams

It’s been a summer of great geological occurrences - volcanoes, fires and floods; yet the union of the Sun and Earth, of Goddess and God, continues to offer sustenance for our wellbeing. Lammas or Lughnasad is a festival celebrating the first Grain Harvest; Mabon and Samhain are the other two. It is a time to come together in friendship and acknowledgment that growth takes work and commitment and when we work together as one, we can accomplish great things - like bringing in

Dreaming Dragon Star Awake

“As children we dreamed of creating a Heaven on Earth together; we didn't believe it was a fairytale.” And so as adults we have returned to this childhood certainty, creating a wonderful space where everyone can manifest and learn to become the inventor of their dreams. I guess you could call us Dream Weavers. My sister and I have always believed there were magical threads holding the world together.  We listened to classical music and heard the patterns of notes weaving tape

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