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Moon Lore - Illuminating Your Path

Updated: Jul 27, 2018

Why have humans been fascinated by the Moon? Is there some magic she holds? Are our dreams and desires answered by the Moon Maiden? Do farmers know her agricultural magic? Do healers utilize her phases and energies for enhanced intuition and sacred guidance?

In all cultures we find the many faces of the Moon Goddess bringing messages with her prophetic powers. Historically, the Greeks revered Selene; a Titan Goddess, Divine being.

She is the bright disc moving across the heavens in her winged chariot bringing light to a blackened sky. Called Cerridwen by the Celtic clans, the Mother/Crone Goddess

is associated with fertility, prophecy and transformation. She holds the magic of duality, embracing the light and shadow of her nature. The Native Americans honored her, naming each Full Moon with a powerful attribute and spiritual energy.

The Moon is a powerful ally for every sailor as she commands the tides, guiding ships to safe harbor and for every maiden as she rules the menses cycle. Our bodies have a natural ebb and flow similar to the waxing and waning states of the Moon. Learning and embodying the energies behind all her phases and how to cultivate their essence into your life can bring about a deeper connection to the natural world.

There are 8 phases of the Moon cycle, but we are most familiar with the New or Dark Moon and Full Moon. The New/Dark Moon occurs when the Moon is in complete alignment between the Earth and the Sun, its side facing the Earth in complete darkness, the other in full sunlight. Some view the Crescent Moon as the New Moon, with its poetic symbolic imagery and the eventuality of fullness. This image has offered inspiration to writers, musicians and healers with the gift of creation and imagination. I like to imagine the Dark Moon in its entirety, holding the power of rebirth and the Crescent as a handmaiden, waiting for guidance and direction from her mistress.

The Dark Moon in its journey towards illumination is often worked with to attract and manifest one’s dreams and desires. When the Moon is in this phase, it’s time for looking inward; reviewing what bounty has manifested in your life and offer thanks. Then let the energies of the Moon guide you to new creative projects and ideas to move forward with. Think of the Dark Moon, as a focal point for your creative energies. Become a co-creator with the Cosmos by writing a list of what you wish to manifest in every phase of your life, or focus on one specific idea. Upon completion of this list hold a ceremony to release its contents to the Universe by burning it or burying it in Gaia and let the magic happen. This pattern is repeated throughout the year, from New Moon to Full Moon and back again, with the Moon waxing and waning between. This natural rhythm provides you with the opportunity to review your progress and see what you have manifested during the New Moon cycles and make changes in the Full Moon cycles. New Moons are for manifestation, while Full Moons are for release and transformation.

The Full Moon is the phase of the Moon in direct opposition to the New/Dark Moon. The Earth comes directly between the Sun and Moon. The side of the Moon facing the Earth becomes fully illuminated - sunlit, a huge shining orb in the sky. This is the time to see how your plan of action and manifesting set forth at the Dark Moon is working and make any necessary changes. Full Moon energy brings clarity to situations and through the fullness of the light, reveals emotional patterning, which can be reviewed and released. Consider your life in totality and discard or cast off anything that no longer serves your highest aspirations and spiritual well-being. Write out everything you wish to purge from your life and again in ceremony, burn it in a fire or tear it up into tiny pieces and let the waters carry it away. As the visible face of the Moon continues its journey around the Earth becoming smaller in the sky, see this as a reflection of yourself; lighter and free.

This week on July 27th 2018, there will be a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, the longest of this century. The Moon will move into the Earth’s shadow. When this occurs the light of the Sun

is refracted through the atmosphere of the Earth and the Moon takes on a reddish tint, hence the term Blood Moon. This is a profound time to look deep within, as all your subtle energy fields will feel the effect of the Moon’s transition, even if you cannot see it. There is a “disturbance in the force” emotions may be close to the surface or you may feel a bit unsettled, like you were waiting for something big to happen and there is! The Universe is giving us a reset button, an opportunity to choose growth at a quantum level. Now is the time to let go of everything that has kept your Light dimmed; your heart may flutter with excitement at the possibilities that await. Remember these can be emotionally charged times; be gentle with yourself. You no longer need to know what “it” is, let the Cosmos and Gaia carry it away for transformation. Change can occur in a blink of an eye; let the Universe work for you - Believe.

During the day of the eclipse, take time to meditate and balance these Full Moon energies flooding your energetic bodies. Chant or work with crystals that resonate with the Moon and help our emotions remain balanced and in flow. The crystals I’ll be sitting with in meditation and carrying with me that day are:

Moonstone of any color, except black moonstone, I like that for the Dark Moon. Moonstone is associated with the energies of the Goddess and the Divine Feminine, an apt alliance for this special happening.

Garnierite works with the heart cultivating self-love and respect. It will work with the light of the Moon to help bring to the surface your quiet dreams and desires.

Selenite helps the energy systems stay in flow and emanates peaceful vibrations. I LOVE working with this gentle crystal and its named for the Moon Goddess Selene.

Blue Lace Agate to focus on the throat chakra and the energies of truth and clear communication of ones wishes.

Red Tigers Eye brings passion and vitality to every action and phase of your life. It will assist you in staying connected with the higher vibrations of transformation as they ground in the root chakra.


the oldest iron oxide crystal formed on Earth; with its metallic, luminous surface is well suited for grounding the lunar eclipse energies in the physical.

You may chose to work with the lunar eclipse energies or begin your journey slowly and commune with the Goddess Selene in a garden or window ledge. Practice self–love, take a steamy bath with a lit candle, representing the Moon in all its 8 phases. Remember to ground these energies and your dreams in the good earth of Mother Gaia. Let the Moon and the energies of the Divine Feminine illuminate your life with ancient wisdom and experience the connection to a natural way of being.

Bright Blessings,


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