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Look Into the Shadows to See the Light

Updated: Aug 9, 2018

This Saturday August 11, 2018 there is a New Moon in Leo, meaning the moon

is void (or dark) in the sky.  The Goddess is working her magic invisibly, quietly; asking us to look inward to create.  New Moons are for manifesting, but this New Moon falls during the time of a partial Solar Eclipse and the 8:8 Lion’s Gate, giving us both the opportunity to look deep within ourselves to shed old thought patterns, to see what has been preventing us from manifesting a life of our DREAMS! And receive blessings from on high.

The partial solar eclipse takes place in Leo, which is ruled by the Sun. When the Sun is eclipsed in the sky and its light dimmed, we are able to see our shadow aspects more clearly as the Moon casts its rays of illumination deep inside us.  With the clarity the Moon provides, we can choose to discard outmoded, ego centered behaviors, judgments and limitations. In so doing, we may uncover our true authentic self and be awed by its magnificence.

The Lions Gate occurs every year at this time. A portal is opened and energies are transmitted to the Earth from Sirius, also known as the Spiritual Sun, to support a stronger and higher connection with the I Am Presence that exists in each of us. Both these events support each other as we look to raise ourselves up in Love and Light and move forward with a full heart of compassion and understanding.

There are also very unique energies in the Cosmos currently with a total of 5 planets in a retrograde position: Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.  These planetary energies ask us to slow down and see what has taken shape in the past and release on both a personal and genetic level, all old stagnant ways of being.  We have the opportunity to honor and discard our history, bringing forth our true selves in wholeness.

We have a few days to do some prep work before the eclipse. Sit quietly and ask for guidance and connect with your inner knowing. Then follow the beat of your heart on a journey to peer inside those deep hidden shadowy places and decide that NOW is the time to let the past or anything that is dimming your Light GO, no review; no judgments, just the simple YES MOMENT to chose release.

After your meditations and soul-searching, you may decide to write out a list;

I call this my Manifestation Decree. If you chose to write this list - be very specific, set very clear intentions; the Universe is listening.  Due to all the planetary movements, everything is being magnified, both positive and negative, so think carefully about how and what you say.  Use this time before the eclipse for direct contact between you, the Goddess and the Ancient Creator.  Ask from your heart for assistance in letting go that which no longer serves your highest good and for a life of fulfillment and joy.

I use crystals daily in meditation to help me stay balanced and make connections with my higher self. These are the crystals I feel resonate with the New Moon Solar Eclipse energies.  I will be communing with them for several days before and after the eclipse and Lions Gate. Here is the list and a brief description as to why I chose them.

Crystals for a Solar Eclipse & Lions Gate Portal

Moonstone - works with the Divine Feminine energy and helps restore balance.  It is aligned with the Moon energies and our Crown chakra.  It helps us to be open to higher frequencies and guidance from the Goddess and your Guides.

Blue Lace Agate or Lapis Lazuli - can assist with clear heart centered communication and focus.   These crystals are aligned with the Throat chakra and help open and balance this energy center so you speak from your center. If you feel drawn to the energies of the Sun, I suggest working with Lapis as it contains gold.

Labradorite - aids in establishing a strong connection with the Cosmos and the energies of manifesting. It is aligned with the Third Eye chakra and facilitates heightened intuition.  

Herkimer Diamond – a stone of great purity and upliftment. I love using this crystal to work with the energies from Source that will be flooding our Stellar Gateway chakra during the time of the Lions Gate.

Sunstone - helps connect with solar energies, light, joy and abundance.  It works well with lapis for that very reason.

Smokey Quartz - works to gently ground all the energies in our physical body with the energy torus of Mother Gaia, a much-needed anchor during the solar eclipse.

Hematite - is very grounding due to its iron content. If you feel very affected by these planetary energies I suggest carrying a hunk of hematite in your pocket to assist you in connecting with the iron core deep within Planet Earth.

On Saturday during the eclipse, I plan on meditating on my hearts desire and connecting with the Cosmic Council, The Goddess and Ancient Creator. Remember as you sit in silence, in deep contemplation with the Cosmos to ask for assistance, the Universe awaits your directions.

Bright Blessings,


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