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Dreaming Dragon Star Awake

“As children we dreamed of creating a Heaven on Earth together; we didn't believe it was a fairytale.” 

And so as adults we have returned to this childhood certainty, creating a wonderful space where everyone can manifest and learn to become the inventor of their dreams.

I guess you could call us Dream Weavers. My sister and I have always believed there were magical threads holding the world together.  We listened to classical music and heard the patterns of notes weaving tapestries of harmony. We spoke of seeing light threads connecting trees and gnomes holding spinning worlds in their hands. Our imaginations flourished, as the written words from fairytales and childhood verses took hold and off our dreaming went sprinkled with Disney fairy dust every Sunday night. We envisioned witches casting magical spells, flying beds and broomsticks soaring over our beds at night and deserted islands, with sisters building pillow forts to survive the ravages of the elements. We met talking teddy bears, entered the domain of dragons and spent afternoons chatting with horses and owls. We planted magical seeds in our neighborhood park that grew into giant beanstalks that carried us to strange new lands. Every illustration and word from these amazing books and movies planted ideas that grew as we did, blossoming into a deep inner- knowing - that dreams and visions can and do come true.

I think that’s why we are drawn to so many diverse cultures, traditions and energy healing techniques. There are always elements of truth, mystery and magic hidden in myth, folklore and history, just like in fairy tales. This magic manifests in every energy vortex or sacred site on this planet, as they too hold mystery and ancient knowledge.  From the craggy peaks of Machu Picchu in Peru and the traditions of Shamanism, to the land of Avalon, the Goddess and The Chalice Well in Glastonbury. These sites hold primeval magic, energy and potential.

Potentiality, the Dragon Lords have spoken to us about this. It is the art of manifestation. This creation and manifestation energy is waiting in the tips of our fingers to be shaped and sent forth to the Cosmos. Guided by the Angels, Masters and Dragon Lords, through daily meditation we delved deep into our own process, letting go of the vibrations that no longer support our dreams and in so doing - we healed our hearts. We learned by practice to focus the potential energy swirling around us and to work with the Universe and the Ancient Ones, making our dream of Dragon Star a reality.

This birthing process didn’t happen over-night.  Our vision underwent several revisions over several years, but we learned to hold fast and not veer from our truth.  It was painful at times, but once through the doubt and darkness, we remembered there is magic inside and all around us!  Our Center and this website is a testament to our dreams. 

We had ongoing support from the Angels, Source, friends and family who believed in us.  We also had a fantastic and very patient website developer, as our vision shifted several times before taking root; she did an amazing job.  We wish to express our never-ending gratitude to everyone who allowed us our process and gave us the time we needed to nurture Dragon Star into existence.  Thank you from the center of our beings.  

And as my sister is often heard to say “Onward.”

Peace + Light

Valerie + Victoria

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