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Bhrigid’s Light Burns Bright

It may seem like the cold breath of winter will never end, yet the Earth is beginning to slowly awaken from a heavy, deep slumber. The light is warmer at sunrise and sunset. There are faint signs she is beginning to stir. The wildlife is becoming more active; the swans have left their nest for a sojourn in the canal. The birds are a twitter, searching for food and basking in the cool sunshine. We are at the midway point of the winter season. It is the time to dance to the energies of Imbolc and the Celtic fire goddess Bhrigid.

Imbolc represents the return of the light and the inner divine flame in us all. Bhrigid speaks to new beginnings, birth, healing, creativity, and illumination. The bon fires lit for this celebration represent the return of the sun and the energies of hearth and home. It was believed on Imbolc eve, she would visit the most virtuous homes and bless all who slept within. This led to the tradition of placing tributes to Bhrigid and tokens by the front door for her to bless. One of the traditions that remain to this day is the making of a welcoming symbol for the goddess. As Paganism faded and Christianity became the religion practiced, the goddess became known as Saint Brigid or Bridget and the gathering of rushes became the weaving of her cross. This cross is a beautiful ritual to make, with the natural elements forming around a square center with the arms of the cross extending from each corner. If you make a cross, with every bend of the reed focus your intent on new beginnings, new projects, and blessings for your family and home for the rest of the year. Another way to celebrate is to light a candle representing the hearth fires and return of the light, ushering in joyful blessings for all that dwell within your home.

This is also a time for inner awakenings. As winter is a time for introspection and review, now is the time to take what wisdom was garnered and ignite the fire of inspiration and action.

It’s time to begin making plans for the influx of new ideas and creations. The longer days are a harbinger of springtime, wildflowers and the sounds of life. May this be a gentle time for you all and I wish you the joy and blessings of Imbolc.

Peace and Light,

Victoria & Valerie

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