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Our Belief

The path to healing is a like a tapestry, weaving new threads of energy and unique modalities together to achieve a glorious restored creation.   At Dragon Star EnergyWorks, we offer a safe space where you can begin or continue your path to healing and self-discovery. 

Our Journey

We hold Mastery in three systems of Reiki: Cosmic Gaia®, Angelic and Usui; Victoria holds a fourth in Crystal Reiki.  She is also an Advanced Crystal Master and Certified Crystal Healer  through the Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy.  Victoria studied Breath Release for Transformation and Healing (B.R.E.T.H. work) with Kamala Hope Campbell and The Pathwork of Self-Transformation with Rev. Barbara Azzara.  She attended classes in transformation and self-healing facilitated by Rev. Azzara and Pat Rodegast, author, - spiritual teacher and channel for Emmanuel, the Spirit Guide.  

Valerie holds a Masters degree in Social Work from Hunter College School of Social Work in New York. She is a Transformational Movement Therapist, having completed a comprehensive training program in Movement Therapy at the Institute for Transformational Movement in Seattle, WA.  She is certified as a Tibetan Tones Practitioner through the Sonic Wellness Institute in New York/Delhi. 


Valerie is a certified Human Animal Bond Practitioner via the North American Veterinary Community Learning Academy and the Human Animal Bond Research Institute.  She is also an Animal Reiki Master and has taken trainings with Kathleen Prasad, author and world’s foremost Animal Reiki expert and co-founder of the Shelter Animal Reiki Association.

Our Vision 


We foresee a continued awakening and vibrational shift in human consciousness, creating the necessity for a wider range of vibrational medicine options to promote ideal health.

Dragon Star EnergyWorks LLC is part of this new frontier, bringing a deepened awareness of spiritual connection and healing through the benefits of Energy Medicine. 


Our Services

We offer a wide range of energy treatments and guidance for your journey, these include:

Crystal Catalyst Healing, Spiritual Counsel, Light Language Activations, Dragon Healing, ​Sound Healing and  Soul - Light Transformational Movement

We see these services as an essential part of a plan to achieve optimum wellness for:

  • Individuals

  • Groups

  • Families

  • Hospitals

  • Veterans

  • Recovery communities

  • Animal rescues and shelters

We are honored to be your teachers and facilitators on this profound journey we call LIFE.

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