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Light Language (LL) is a multidimensional form of communication, which speaks directly to the Soul-Light center within each of us. These harmonic languages are used to lift us out of the ego-self/thought process and unite us with the Cosmic Heart of Love, Universal Brotherhood and Ascension frequencies.

Light Language is comprised of sounds, colors, sacred geometry and frequencies of potentiality. These higher dimensional frequencies - codes for vibrational healing and DNA activations, can be used for healing, realignment, merkaba meditations and shifts in consciousness. It is a catalyst of change for the physical body and all subtle energy fields of the human experience. While your conscious mind may not be able to translate the sounds, your subtle bodies understand and resonate with the frequencies Light Language provides.

Light Language Activations

Each Light Language activation session is different, as each person carries within them their own Divine blueprint. I act as a channel for the particular frequencies of Light Language needed in the Now moment to be transmitted to the heart and Soul-Light center of each person.

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The session may include toning, singing, chanting, chromatic light infusion, meditations, hand movements and spoken word. Light Language frequencies can work to dissolve energetic blocks within the physical and subtle energy fields, promote healing and assist in raising your vibration.

It is not necessary to understand or translate the meaning of Light Language.

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Your higher self will recognize it, as your body senses the higher frequencies and begins to entrain with them.

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You may experience deep relaxation or be transported to the Cosmos. Each session is Divinely guided and unique. The session is offered via Zoom video conference, phone or in person. An MP4 is made of the channeled session and emailed to you.

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